Kill No Limit E-Book

Kill No Limit E-Book

I had a chance to test the Kill No Limit poker training product this weekend and wanted to give my thoughts on the package. I wasn't too sure about it at first but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and depth of information presented by the author.


General Impressions
First of all, I was surprised by how much stuff there was in this package. It was a 200 MB file and contained all of the following contents:

  • Kill No Limit E-Book
  • 30 Minute Cash Game Video at 100NL
  • 30 Minute Cash Game Video at 200NL
  • 30 Minute Cash Game Video at 200NL
  • 30 Minute Cash Game Video at 400NL
  • 30 Minute Cash Game Video at 600NL
  • 3 Starting Hand Charts
  • 1 Poker Odds Chart
  • 1 Poker Calculator
  • 1 How-To Guide on the Calculator
  • 1 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for tracking your bankroll
  • 1 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that contained the same hand charts listed above

After I got a chance to look through everything, I was impressed by the quality of the entire Kill No Limit Kit. It was all branded with the Kill No Limit look which made it look like there was a lot of time invested in making it.

Quality of the Kill No Limit Kit
But enough about the looks - let's talk about the content. The most important part of the product, in my opinion, is the e-book. Everything else is extra to me. Well, I read the entire e-book and was thoroughly impressed by the strategy that was presented and how it was presented.

The author, SmackinYaUp, did a great job explaining complicated topics using everyday language. He covered everything from the very basics and all the way up to the advanced topics you need to know to beat the high stakes games like he does.

The book starts out with a short introduction and bio, and then it digs right in to the exact method for building a poker bankroll from scratch. There wasn't any poker theory in this chapter - it was just a step by step instruction guide for building a large poker bankroll.

After the bankroll building section, the e-book continues on with all the poker strategy you could ask for plus much more. The strategy presented in the Kill No Limit book was just straight up awesome. I've been playing poker for a long time and the book even taught me a bunch of things I'd never even considered before.

I was also surprised by how useful the cash game videos were. In these cash game videos, several high stakes players sat at a variety of low to medium stakes tables and recorded their monitors while they played at the tables.

You can see every hand they play and listen to them as they explain why they are making every single move. These videos are an awesome way to get a look into the minds of successful high stakes poker players.

Final Word
If you're serious about your game and you want to learn how to make it big like SmackinYaUp did, I really think you should get your hands on the Kill No Limit Kit. He recently dropped the price by $50 so you should stop by and get a copy before he changes the price again.
Get the Kill No Limit Kit here

Think about it like this: if this e-book (which I think is top notch) helps you win just one pot at a small stakes game, it's already paid for itself. Anything you win after that is just extra icing on the cake - and believe me - there will be a lot of icing.

If you want to take it a little bit farther, think about what it would be like to finally move up to $400 NL and start playing 6 tables a time, taking home $150 an hour. In my opinion, the Kill No Limit e-book will get you on a great start in that direction.